Pasi Nuutilainen

“My passion for furniture making arose out of necessity and has developed over 15 years into Tuuma Woodcraft. Tuuma is a Finnish word that means both “idea”and “inch”. This dual concept is the starting point for all Tuuma furniture. Each piece involves bringing a thoughtful concept to life through skilled technique, and aims for balance between function and form, utility and refinement.

I have been designing and building custom wood projects in Ottawa since 2000, and Tuuma Woodcraft has been a full-time endeavor of mine since 2009. I hold an MA in ergonomics, which I believe gives me a unique understanding of the interaction between people, furniture and the space they share.

I developed my technical skills with the help of my father, a master Finnish carpenter. I apprenticed under him for pretty much my whole youth, watching him fix and build anything and everything, and eventually helping and working with him. I learned the detailed nuances of furniture making on my own, mostly through trial-and-error, helping me to figure out not only how to do things the right way, but why they are done that way.

A combination of traditional and modern methods and materials are used in creating each piece. This allows me to explore new and different avenues of design, craftsmanship and innovation without limitation. My design style draws on the 20th century period from the 1930s (specifically Art Deco) through the 1970s. Not only do I use furniture from these decades for inspiration, but also architecture and industrial design.”

  • P. Nuutilainen

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