John Ward

“Woodworking is my creative outlet, whether it is turning a green log into a set of bowls, or combining man made veneer plywood with tree branches to make tables, I’ve found the possibilities and the challenges to be endless.

I often begin with the tree in its native form: I use branches in their natural form and integrate them with manmade materials to create tables that are unique; I cut logs into bowl sized chunks and turn natural and finished edge bowls.

My bowls are intended to be held in hands and used in everyday life, my focus is on form and volume in that endless search for the perfect bowl. I have bowls in my home that have been in use for more than fifty years and are still as beautiful as the day they were made; creating bowls that will have that longevity is one of my goals.

I also turn furniture on my lathe; these round pedestal tables are made of Canadian hardwoods and finished with environmentally safe milk paint and oil finishes. I strive for timeless, elegant shapes that suit a modern condo or a traditional home.

My inspirations for form come from nature and the great craftsmen and artisans who have gone before. Like music with its fixed range of notes, furniture design and wood turning work within the constraint of shapes and proportions that please the eye and the hand. Just as there is always another new musical arrangement that will give us pleasure, there is always another turned and handmade form that will capture your heart.

I’ve done wood working as a hobby most of my life, but when I tried wood turning in 2007 I was hooked instantly. Today I’m a full time wood turner and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time.”

John Ward lives and works in Lanark, Ontario.

Items for Sale

PLEASE NOTE: We carry a limited stock of John Ward’s candleholders. Out of Stock items can be ordered with a 6-12 week waiting period.

Candleholder heights: Short 12.5″ / Medium 13.5″ / Tall 15″
Candleholder prices: Walnut $75 / $85 / $95 each – all others $68 / $78 / $88 each