Eric Young

“I own and respectfully manage a 46 acre bush lot just west of Clayton, Ontario. I selectively harvest healthy standing hardwoods and mill them to my desired thicknesses and cuts. Once they are stacked, I patiently play the waiting/drying game. Once lumber is dried out and ready for planing, I choose boards to suit the project at hand.” E. Young

Eric Young has worked on a variety of wood-built projects, large and small.

His cutting/serving boards featured at General Fine Craft are thick and sturdy. He uses high quality cuts of wood, working with the growth and grain to sensitively determine the final shape. Finishing is done with non-toxic, food-safe mineral oil which board owners can re-apply whenever necessary. Most woods are salvaged from locations across eastern Ontario where dead or dying trees have been felled with care for the environment.

Items for Sale

26 x 6″ American Chestnut (rare) with beam notch $90 code 175-142