Jacob Rolfe

 Jacob Rolfe is known for his fun approach to some of life’s more important issues including: literacy, the environment, organic farming, cats, dreams and meditation.

Jacob uses a multiple silkscreen technique to print colourful images on archival papers. His work is distinctive in its use of cartoon-style anthropomorphism, complex patterned backgrounds of inter-twining plants and organisms, poignant slogans and dream-like landscapes. Full of contrast and irony, they also have a charm and familiarity that can quickly draw the viewer into the world of the artist’s imagination.

Raised in Ottawa, Jacob is an actor as well as a screen-printer. He studied printmaking at The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Halifax) and politics at Trent University (Peterborough).

Travel experience feeds his observations of the world and inspires his work. He spends his days between Ontario and Nova Scotia’s south shore, travelling to distant lands with a backpack when he can.

Transient life aside, Jacob can also be seen on television’s Trailer Park Boys playing the ever-charming character Jacob Collins.

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