Lily Swain

“My art is inspired by forms found in nature, urban landscapes, architecture and interior design. Formal elements such as composition, balance and colour work in tandem with layers of texture, imagery, text and pattern to create depth on a two dimensional surface. I integrate borrowed imagery and motifs from the history of the decorative arts, graphic design and illustration, creating new forms of traditional working methods.

I strive to create visual impact through the precarious balance of layered sharp edged lines and loose brush strokes. The colorful shapes and marks jump out, recede, break through and fall into place; a kind of organized chaos. The work can be regarded as psychological design born of my personal and emotional experiences. Equally abstract and concrete ideas are expressed, a representation of both intuitive and analytical thought. This approach allows me to apply a formula to my painting, a foundation to build upon, simultaneously challenging and satisfying the artist and designer within.”

Lily Swain-Brady was raised in Ottawa, Ontario and now lives with her family in the Lanark Highlands of eastern Ontario. She’s a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Vancouver) and has a Bachelor of Education from York University (Toronto).

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