Vanessa Neily

Vanessa Neily is a Canadian fine craftsperson born in PEI, and based in Ottawa, Ontario. A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, she holds a BFA majoring in jewellery design & metalsmithing and self-taught study in textiles.

A simultaneous introduction to vitreous enamelling and rug hooking sparked interest in designing multidisciplinary pieces for their pleasing interchange of aesthetic qualities and has become a unique trademark of Vanessa’s work.

“Inspired by the gestural qualities of sketching and painting, I enjoy the challenge of translating the quick expressiveness of the art practices to characteristically slower, more controlled craft materials. 

My process begins with the rug hooking component and focusing on creating form with colour; imaging the wool strips as a stroke of paint. I then pull colour from my rug hooking onto the vitreous enamel component.

The glass – in powdered form – is fused to the copper base by firing in a kiln at ~1500F. Multiple firings of overlapping layers of opaque and transparent enamel colour create a canvas on which I then add fine details with wet enamel for the final firing.

The complementary pairing of materials enhances one another, celebrating texture united by subject and colour.”   – V.Neily

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