Annie McKenzie

A second-generation artist, Annie creates porcelain and silver earrings using methods taught by her parents (potters Maureen Marcotte and David McKenzie) and jewellery making studies with Chayle Cook.

A key theme and influence in her jewellery designs are elements she observes in nature such as the northern lights, falling rain, leaves and vines. Her love of the natural world began at an early age and lead her to study biology and forest conservation. She earned a Bachelor of Environmental Science (McGill University, 2005) and a Master of Forest Conservation (University of Toronto, 2010)

Her distinctive designs are marked by finely formed shapes, underglaze painting, sgraffitio (shallow carving) and glaze colours applied using a wax-resist technique. Some glazes derive from leda clay found in the Wakefield area.

Annie also hand-fabricates all ear wires and fastenings using sustainably sourced recycled sterling silver. Because they’re made of high-fired porcelain clay, her earrings are strong and lightweight.

drop earrings, 20-50mm long glazed porcelain with sterling silver wire

stud earrings, 5-10mm diameter glazed porcelain with sterling silver fittings