Janice Moorhead

Originally from Montreal, Janice Moorhead spent several years in Ottawa before relocating to a lovely community in the Gatineau Hills close to Wakefield. She has spent the last 30+ years in Rupert, raising two children and creating her art.

In 1979 she received an Honours degree in visual arts from the University of Ottawa. While her studies were mostly in the realm of painting and print making, it was quite soon after graduation that she discovered glass. Because of its luminosity and perfect surface quality, it soon replaced paint as her medium of choice.

Currently she is known across Canada for her glass, having created a body of work that employs a rather unique ‘painterly’ approach to stained glass – a layering technique that eliminates the need for the traditional soldered joints. Glass dominates the field of vision, creating both intricate landscapes and whimsical vistas that interact with the play of light – always in a state of flux, depending on the season or the time of day. Her work ranges from the small gift item (6in. X 7in.) to the larger public commission (panels up to 12 square feet).

Janice’s glass mosaics are currently out of stock.

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