Diane Lemire

A multidisciplinary artist who resides in Chelsea Quebec, Diane is interested in the history of the area and is fascinated by the numerous possibilities natural fibers give to her felt making. She draws inspiration from the natural world around her to envision mixed-media sculptures, textile art, and paintings that evoke a sense of memory, time, and place.

In her unique style, Diane creates textile objects and wearable art that evoke a linkage between the past and the present. Her work combines natural fibres (silk, wool, cotton) with recycled materials like vintage silk scarves, dresses, ties and hand-made lace.

“This very lengthy, intuitive and selective process is central to my work. I might use beautiful transparent silks or create unusual printed fabric, then add fragments of lace which carry traces of knowledge and tradition from previous generations, and small found objects which take on special meanings when incorporated together.

Through this process, I am imagining stories. The materials themselves undergo a transformation and become part of a deeper narrative. The fusion of water, human energy, and a variety of materials give life to a delicately beautiful and fragile creation.” -D. Lemire

Having spent her formative years travelling and working abroad, she studied fine arts at the University of Ottawa. She has exhibited throughout the region, and in 2010 was awarded the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum Award for excellence in textile arts.

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