Carmella Karijo Rother

Carmella Karijo Rother’s work involves engagement with simple materials, tools and processes which resonate in her manner of working. This is reflected in the clean lines and pure forms of her pieces. The natural colours of the materials complement this direction towards clarity and simplicity and reference the origins of the material she works with.

“My sculptural pieces are intended to be appealing to visual and tactile senses, to create an imaginative space to breathe, reflect and contemplate.” – C. K. R.

Carmella’s home and studio are nestled in Gatineau Park, Quebec among century-old pine trees. Her love of nature – the beauty, wonder and tranquility she finds there – is woven throughout her life.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology (University of Saskatchewan) and a Master in Environmental Studies (York University). Her first career was in the field of nature interpretation and education, working at Ontario Parks and the Canadian Museum of Nature before she became a full-time artist.

Her pieces have an elegant simplicity that comes from her ‘less is more’ aesthetic. She encourages people to touch and hold her pieces to feel the inherent warmth, softness and texture of the materials. These are unusual works: sculptures and vessels of felted wool, paintings of quilted silk, and most recently panniers and baskets if rope. All of these series demonstrate ideas and techniques that are outside of convention.

Carmella’s work is in the City of Ottawa’s Fine Art Collection. Recent exhibitions include Wall Space Gallery in Ottawa, General Fine Craft in Almonte and Darrell Bell Gallery in Saskatoon. She has also participated in the international World of Threads Festival in Oakville, Ontario.

Items for Sale

New work for Spring 2022: repeatedly sewn/cut/sewn pieces of cotton fabric and thread. mounted on felt or wood panel

24 x 24” $950.00 code 145-121

Cotton rope sewn vessels and panniers, some with silk or painted additions