Andrea Graham

Andrea Graham is an artist and educator. She has studied contemporary feltmaking techniques with numerous respected artists from many countries. Andrea exhibits, teaches and lectures internationally.

Using cleaned, carded and (sometimes) dyed wool fibre, Andrea uses ancient feltmaking techniques to create magical form. Materials are selected for each piece based on the attributes of the particular wool that will provide the desired result. After the layout of the fibres, water and soap are added. By hand rubbing and/or rolling the work over many hours, the scales in the protein fibres tangle and migrate to form a fabric. Andrea may finish work by adding stiffeners or other mediums and does so for esthetic purposes. Andrea prides herself on technical excellence and knowledge of her materials.

Andrea’s work has been featured in many publications around the world, most recently: European “Textile Forum” magazine, German magazine “Filzt Und zuge Naht”, “1000 Artisan Textiles”, and “500 Felt Objects”. Andrea was the 2011 Artist and Educator in residence at Queen’s University and has taught workshops for the Ontario Crafts Council Craftsmarts series and for numerous guilds and conferences throughout North America.

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