Richard Skrobecki

Richard makes his home in Almonte, Ontario. He studied Fine Art at St. Lawrence College (Kingston) and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (BFA, 1987).

At NSCAD, he discovered an affinity for working with clay and an appreciation for ceramics history. He worked in the arts for many years before returning to full-time studio practice. Known for using red earthenware clay, he produced pottery highly decorated with slips, sgraffitio and colourful glazes.

In 2011, Richard began to explore ideas beyond functionality. Still using the potter’s wheel, this work took a closer look at the volume of form and the contrasts created by stacking thrown forms. One approach to surface decoration was to emphasize shape and play with visual illusion using terra sigillata and slips. Human qualities began to emerge in these vertical forms, feeding a theme of creating surface imagery to represent systems constantly at work within living bodies. These systems, often concealed or invisible, belong to the forces of nature and the pathways of life.

Today, Richard maintains a part-time studio practice while his main focus is the Owner/Manager of General Fine Craft.

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