Maureen Marcotte

Making a living as a studio potter requires discipline and a strong work ethic. In addition to keeping the gallery shelves full, there are constant commissions and deadlines. To maintain excitement, even passion, over a long career, I am constantly thinking ahead to new work, experimenting with various ideas and techniques.

The result has been a steady evolution in my work, a refined and nuanced intensity in surface decoration on wheel thrown porcelain shapes. I have consistently been inspired by textiles and fiber techniques such as those found in Persian carpets, Fair Isle knitting patterns and batiks from around the world. Throughout the majority of my career, I have used wax resist and underglaze colours on high fired porcelain fired in electric kilns to apply layered patterns to functional pottery forms.”

Maureen Marcotte earned a BA in Visual Arts and a BA in Education and has been a studio potter for 40+ years. With the exception of occasionally giving workshops and classes, she and her partner/husband David MacKenzie have made their living as working potters. They built their home/studio/gallery in Wakefield, Quebec where they’ve become a fixture in the arts community and nurtured several generations of patrons.

Maureen participates in 260 Fingers annual ceramic exhibition in Ottawa.  In 2017, Maureen and David were invited to show their work in Pas de Deux at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Ontario. In 2019 they were honoured with a feature exhibition entitled In Common, Uncommon : David McKenzie and Maureen Marcotte at the Art Gallery of Burlington, Ontario.

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