Marney McDiarmid

“Play is a moment of possibility. It is a state of engagement that asks ‘What next? What else? How about this?

Play opens up a dialogue about what is possible, what can change, and it posits how things can be different.

Marney’s forms and surface decoration are inspired by travels to Brazil, Hawaii among other colourful places. “I seek to provoke a sense of delight in the forms themselves. I then find it myself through the materials process of dipping raw clay into a vibrant colour.”    -M.McDiarmid

Marney McDiarmid a self-taught ceramic artist with an MA in Oral History and an ‘all but dissertation’ PhD in Cultural Studies. She has been working with clay since the mid-1990s and in 2010 quit her PhD to embark on ceramics as a career.

She maintains an active studio and teaching practice, and supports clay and craft communities though her involvement with the Kingston Potter’s Guild and the Fat Goose Craft Collective. A long-time community activist, Marney is also a member of DARN! Kingston Downtown Action Revitalization Network and the founder of Kingston’s first stilting troupe. She lives in Kingston, Ontario.

Marney McDiarmid
Marney in her studio

Items for Sale

slab-constructed porcelain bowls with painted underglazes and glazes