Kinya Ishikawa

Born in Japan, Kinya came to Canada to marry his French-Canadian sweetheart and establish his pottery practice in the Quebec village of Val-David.

His distinct style derives from his cultural roots. He is an accomplished and highly disciplined potter whose work is both prolific and ever-developing – much to the pleasure of his followers. His porcelain ware is collected for its thoughtful design, attention to detail and aesthetic beauty.

“ I hope that one day my pieces will be found in an antique shop or flea market –  but not exhibited in a museum. People can use my pottery as simple objects that brings value to them every day.”  – Kinya

He is also widely known as the creative force behind 1001 Pots – an annual summer exposition and celebration of pottery and ceramic art. The event has been a destination for art-lovers ever since and has made Val-David into a popular holiday location.

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