Don Goddard

Don Goddard works from his home studio in Lachine, Quebec.  He has been a potter for over forty-five years.  He studied at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts School of Art and Design, but discovered his love for clay with Dean Mulavey at The Pottey in North Hatley, Quebec. 

His work can be found in public and private collections and he is the recipient of the Prix 1001 Pots and the Gaetan Beaudin Award for excellence in a body of work.

Don’s pieces are made from stoneware or porcelain and fired in a reduction-atmosphere gas kiln. This oxygen-deprived atmosphere pulls deposits of iron from within the clay body out through the surface of the glaze, appearing as dramatic dark spots.  He uses layered and multiple-fired Shino glazes to achieve rich and varied surfaces in his work.

His work simultaneously exudes the rich history of Japanese pottery techniques and Don’s own contemporary interpretations.

 “Working with clay is like having a joyful dialogue with nature.  I hope that my works speaks of vitality through surface, strength through form, and purpose through function.”  –  D.G.

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