Andrea Vuletin

Andrea Vuletin is a potter living in Chatham Ontario. She studied graphic design and illustration at the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto before enrolling in the ceramics program at George Brown College in the early 1990s.

 “The pace of life in Chatham is not frantic. I live here with my husband and dogs after migrating from Toronto in pursuit of a home with a garden where we grow flowers, fruit and vegetables. This has sparked in me a great curiosity about plants and an appreciation for the many tiny neighbours with which we share the garden.

Clay has since taken over my life. It is an addictive medium, and one with which I feel I can best express myself. I love to make pots from porcelain, carefully crafting forms on the pottery wheel or with slabs. I love the feel of clay when it’s almost dry but still soft enough to decorate cleanly. The act of scoring imagery into the surface and then filling with stains is a Japanese technique I use called mishima.

The imagery on my work comes directly from the garden. I love bugs and flowers and the illustration process. It’s as simple as that. The pots are functional: vases in which a little of the garden can be brought into the home, cups, bowls, teapots and other objects for use – but also as objects of inspiration every day.”  – A. Vuletin

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