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PETER GRAHAM   Winnipeg, Manitoba

Waiting for the Thaw Series, 2014

One of the misperceptions about Canada often held by Americans, and others, is that snow blankets our land 365 days a year. Following the winter of 2013/14, many Canadians may be forgiven if they too were convinced of this. We may complain about them, but harsh winters are worn as a badge of honour, and in Winnipeg we feel especially justified in congratulating ourselves after suffering the coldest winter here since 1898. Seventy-five days dipped below minus 20°C and in excess of 100cm of snow fell. More than 1200 home and business owners have been without water owing to frozen pipes, and a bumper crop of potholes continue to wreak havoc on the alignment and suspensions of our vehicles. This past winter has been described as brutal, miserable, harsh and relentless. In short, the polar bears on Portage were content. 

-Peter Graham


Harperlandia I  – inkjet print on archival paper, from diorama, 2014    $300    code 144-27