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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA April 2016 exhibition view, with Alex Taves at General Fine Craft

Rob Raeside is a glass object maker who has been working with the medium since 2008. He has studied at Sir Sanford Fleming College and Sheridan College School of Craft.

Rob’s work is driven by the inherent complexities of what appears to be simple, and the constant desire to refine his technique. Subtlety, simplicity and a love of the making process are the driving forces in his work. Line, separation and balance are strong inspirations for Rob and principles which are reflected in his work for his exhibition at General Fine Craft, from April 5 – May 15, 2016.

His cups are basic conical forms accentuated by a spiral impressed surface that creates a wonderful cross-hatched pattern in the round. The ‘Bubble’ bowls have a delicate pattern created by pressing clear chips of glass into powdered colourants. Then, as the clear glass melts, it spreads and opens circular shapes amid the colour. The overall effect is of air bubbles captured magically in ice.

Clean lines and shapely forms define Rob’s bottle shapes. As he describes it, “This series of bottles is called Summa from the Swedish word for sum. Growing up, my dad’s side of the family would often tell stories of the year they spent in Sweden. We also had some Kosta Boda and Orrefers crystal around the house, so before seeing the actual hot process, simple Scandinavian design was my first exposure to decorative glass.”

Rob aims to attach value to objects through careful craftsmanship and design. He creates to help develop as a maker and as an individual. The molten glass seems to melt the inhibitions of the outside world and allow him to focus on the task at hand. As an emerging artist, he is constantly striving to improve his eye for design and his hand for glass.

In his second year of studies at Sheridan College, Rob received the Silent Night award. His dedication to the material has allowed him to work for Canadian glass artists such as Andy Kuntz, Paula Vendermey, Sally McCubbin and Maciej Dyszkiewicz. Currently, Rob is working full-time with glass blowers Alexi and Mariel Hunter (Kingston, Ontario).

Watch for Rob’s feature exhibition at General Fine Craft, April 5 – May 15, 2016