cranberry bit bowl, 9.5×6″ $240 code 15-164



amber pendant, glass + silver $95 code 15-46  


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Mariel Waddell-Hunter is an award-winning glass artist. She graduated

from Hot Glass Forming at Sheridan College School of Craft and Design. In

2005 she received the Betty Kantor Award and the Summer Residency

Scholarship from the Harbourfront Center in Toronto. In 2006 she received

the Don Lee Award and an Honorable Mention for the 2006 Sheridan

Graduate Show.

Mariel was born in Trinidad and has lived in other tropical countries such

as Barbados and Costa Rica. The experience of living in these countries

has become the foundation of her inspiration.

Using molten hot glass bits Mariel sculpts and captures pieces of the oceans reefs and currents onto her vessels.

Currently Mariel is co-owner and glassblower at the Kingston

Glass Studio & Gallery in Kingston, Ontario.

I use a combination of thickness and temperature which allows me to create pieces with multifaceted appearance and reflective effects, creating movement in my work. By

trailing and sculpting molten bits of glass, I attempt to capture the beauty

and essence of water and life within the ocean.
The malleable quality of

glass provides the ideal medium for sculptural representations of liquid

movement and ocean currents.

Mariel Waddell portrait2