‘Miami’ Box,  7.25 x 4.75 x 2.5″   $265    code 25-23


Bird’s Eye maple lamp, 10.5″  h   $195   code 25-15

“My passion for furniture making arose out of necessity and has developed over 15 years into Tuuma Woodcraft. Tuuma is a Finnish word that means both “idea”and “inch”. This dual concept is the starting point for all Tuuma furniture. Each piece involves bringing a thoughtful concept to life through skilled technique, and aims for balance between function and form, utility and refinement. I have been designing and building custom wood projects in Ottawa since 2000, and Tuuma Woodcraft has been a full-time endeavour since 2009.  I hold an MA in ergonomics, which I believe gives me a unique understanding of the interaction between people, furniture and the space they share.

I developed my technical skills with the help of my father, a master Finnish carpenter. I apprenticed under him for pretty much my whole youth, watching him fix and build anything and everything, and eventually helping and working with him. I learned the detailed nuances of furniture making on my own, mostly through trial-and-error, helping me to figure out not only how to do things the right way, but why they are done that way.

Wood is naturally beautiful, and I strive to bring out that beauty to its fullest. Unless specifically requested, the furniture is not stained. A durable, water-based finish is used that enhances the look of the wood, protects it, and is virtually maintenance-free. Sustainably harvested and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified woods are used in every piece.

My specialty in furniture for smaller and unique spaces arose from being raised in a small house where every square inch was put to good use, nothing was wasted and the modern way of excess was always questioned. Now, my wife and I enjoy our own 800 square foot home so I have first-hand experience in maximizing the usefulness of spaces. By making durable furniture that is a pleasure to look at, and allows people to live smaller, live better, and do more with less, in my own small way I am trying to shift our way of living onto a more sustainable path.”

Pasi Nuutilainen portrait