It’s Monica desire that her work bring a delightful pause to the everyday. Modern life with its hectic pace, seldom provides us with the opportunity for a calm moment to smile in peace. A cup of tea, a bowl of warm soup or an entrée served on a beautiful platter can make a meal and a moment just that much more special.

Monica’s work begins as pure white porcelain. Voluptuous pottery shapes are thrown on a wheel or press-moulded by hand, then carved and /or altered. Underglaze colour is applied directly to raw clay, and fired on prior to glazing. Semi-transparent glaze seals over the underglaze colour, ensuring the decoration will never fade or wear away with use. Further, the glaze’s mysterious translucence adds variation to each area of pattern.

For Monica, colour is the celebration of life and colourful pots bring life to celebrations. Afternoon tea, dinner parties, festive brunches and wine & cheese socials are the ideal place to use Monica’s beautifully stylized pottery.