‘Hydra’   14 x 17″ wall sculpture  $700   code 51-1

Lisa’s work is a fascinating combination of materials and subject matter. It negates the divide between Art and Craft by using traditional ceramic materials to create sculptures and wall-mounted assemblages of incredible fragility and beautifully painted detail. She approaches her subject matter in the same way: fearlessly and without restraint.

“My primary drive as a visual artist has been that of storytelling from a personal point of departure or connection.  Through my work I attempt to question and destabilize my own understanding of personal and collective identity.  I am drawn to historical documents and artifacts as a place to initiate visual exploration.  These images that are, or were, commonly found in Canadian school textbooks play a role in our formative internal visual foundation.  The shared nature of these artifacts, gives me a point of departure from which to question and explore my own understanding of personal and collective identity.”

Lisa studied art at the Ottawa School of Art, Studio Art/Art History at Concordia University, and painting at Parsons School of Design in New York.  Her work was exhibited at the Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum in Southern Taiwan where she was a finalist in the 2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, and is now part of the permanent collection of the New Taipei City Yingge  Ceramics Museum.  She was also a finalist and exhibitor for the 4th Biennial Concordia Continental Ceramics Competition in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2012. Her 2013 solo exhibition ‘Pole Star Drift’ at Karsh-Masson Gallery in Ottawa has been highly regarded by both the public and art critics. She lives in Chelsea, Quebec.

Lisa Creskey portrait