Hanne has a background in sociology, a certificate for teaching English as a second language and a life-long interest in the arts that was ignited by her father whose hobby was carving animals in wood.  She began her potting career in 1979 after obtaining a Diploma of Fine Crafts from Algonquin College, Ottawa.

An inveterate world traveller, she enjoys finding interesting contemporary and historical examples of clay art.  However the main focus of her travels, at home and abroad, has always been on exploring the natural environment, whether trekking in the Himalayas, camping in the Amazon jungle or canoeing in Algonquin Park.

The landscapes, plants and animals encountered over many years, on many trips, are a continuing source of inspiration and find expression in her sculptural animal boxes, carved bowls, serving trays and other functional pieces.  She produces both raku ware and work fired in mid-range porcelaineous stoneware.  She hand builds and also combines the hand built with wheel thrown and altered pieces.

“After a trip I sit in my quiet studio with my photographs, wild life magazines, books of animal physiology and my vivid memories of recent sights.  Then, with clay, I try to produce something that reflects the more harmonious side of the natural world that I have experienced – something that expresses that feeling of peace and tranquility that is part of being in the wild, away from the noises and anxieties of urban life.”

Hanne Lawrence portrait.2