white vessel A w/red interior, 7″ tall $200 code 119-3


white vessel B w/ red interior, 7″ tall $200 code 119-3


3.5″ tall cup $40 code 119-2


Reid Flock’s ceramic vessels fascinate through a dramatic fusion of contemporary and ancient aesthetics. Gutsy and sophisticated yet simultaneously playful, they nimbly balance the line between modern and classic with their abstract shapes and riotous colour applied to thinly thrown and altered forms.

Before his first introduction to clay at the Burlington Arts Centre, Reid majored in English literature and violin at the University of Western Ontario. After mentoring with the preeminent potter Kayo O’Young in 1998 and studying at Sheridan College School of Ceramic Design, Reid moved to Ibaraki, Japan where he lived and studied ceramics for nine years.

He returned to Canada in 2009 and established his studio practice in Hamilton, Ontario. Reid’s professional career as an experimental ceramic artist continues to grow since his first exhibition in 2007. Among other accolades, he was awarded the 2015 Winnifred Shantz Award for Canadian Ceramics.

His 2017 solo exhibition Integration/Disintegration at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery (Waterloo, ON) takes a retrospective look at his growth as an experimental ceramic artist. It includes many of his thrown and altered functional teapots,  his transition towards manipulating materials and form beyond function, and his investigations into digital reproduction and manipulation through an iconic piece of 5,000 year old pottery. See the youtube video of Reid’s lecture at the CCGG on January 14, 2017.