Since graduating from Sheridan College’s School of Design [ceramics] in 1973, Tim has been combining a variety of hand-building techniques with form, function, and a wry sense of humour. Dragons, elephants, giraffes, steamships, spaceships, birds , houses, skyscrapers and snails have all emerged from his workshop; many in the guise of teapots.

Tim’s work can be found in many major North American collections, private, public and corporate. His work has been exhibited widely in one man shows, group exhibitions, and ceramic competitions in North America and Europe. Since 1981 Tim has lived in the Upper Ottawa Valley with his wife Artist/Blacksmith Lydia VanderStaal. 

He says that he is now officially ‘retired’. We say thank-you Tim for your many years of making pots that have put lasting smiles on innumerable faces!

Tim Storey portrait