murray-peacestudy-bPeace Study – 24″ diameter porcelain, steel, resin    $2750   – SOLD –

 murray-transitionii-62-12 Transition II   23.25″ long    $2200    code 62-12

murray-transitioniii-62-13 Transition III   23.5″ long    $2200    code 62-13

murray-transitioniv-62-14 Transition IV   23″ long    $2200    code 62-14

murray-veins-62-15-a Veins   6″ tall   $600   code 62-15


My interest in the relationship between the mind and the body initially drew me to studying science. I had such a powerful visceral reaction to working with clay that I altered the course of my studies. Attending Sheridan College and the Banff School of Fine Arts, I dove into the rich history of ceramics, learning about the role that clay served as a cultural marker, enriching life on the domestic front as well as for expression. I have used porcelain as a vehicle to explore my questions about life ever since, opening my first studio in 1980.

I am interested in the resilience of the human spirit, and how we choose to engage with the stresses experienced in our environment, our relationships, ourselves. Porcelain undergoes a remarkable transformation as it dries and is fired. The cracking and movement of the porcelain in my process, captures a physical entity in transition. It is the result of the tension between clay dug from the earth and industrially made fibreglass. I respond to the change in form and energy that takes place as the porcelain dries, finding meaning in the movement, the spaces created. Much of my imagery is inspired by observing the forces of nature, the complex patterns and relationships in the world around me. I use my relationship with process and material as a metaphor to investigate our perception of the nature of reality.

Recent work is a look at identity of the individual within collective relationships. I am curious about other ways of knowing, deciphering insights drawn from nature, spiritual revelation, the role of language and the written word.

Paula Murray portrait

Public Collections include:

World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, Icheon World Ceramic Centre, Korea

International Museum of Ceramics, Faenza, Italy

The Canadian Museum of History (Civilization), Hull, QC

Canada Council Art Bank

Canadian Clay and Glass Museum, Waterloo, ON,

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

City of Ottawa

Lotto Quebec

Indusmin Art Collection

Burlington Arts Centre, ON

The Banff Centre, AB

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

The Canadianna Fund; Prime Ministers Official Residence, Rideau Hall

Hollow Reeds, 27.5″ each $375 each code 62-19