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Marcelina Salazar grew up in Colombia and moved to Canada in 1999. While she was completing a science degree at Trent University, she developed a keen interest in food issues and a passion for clay. Pottery seemed to bring her interest in food and food issues to the table so she decided to pursue pottery more seriously. In 2007 she completed a Ceramic Certificate at The Haliburton School of the Arts, then continued her studies at Sheridan College School of Craft. Now she works as a full-time studio potter in a timber frame building on her farm near Chatsworth, Ontario.

“I make objects with a strong sense of function and simplicity of form. The notion of creating handmade pieces that acquire their full meaning only when used by others is central to my explorations with clay. I truly believe that using handmade objects in our daily lives fills us with a sense of connection and an awareness of beauty. I aim to create objects that slip quietly into the dynamics of home-life.

The outer surface of my work is entirely the result of the firing process. The inside is glazed, but the outside is naked porcelain that becomes ‘glazed’ by the combined action of the wood-flame and a soda mix added at top temperature.  The surfaces are consistently rich and dynamic, yet there is variation from firing to firing, and within each kiln load. I love this relationship between firing and surface results; it feels like I am painting with fire.”  -M.S.

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