‘Guardian’   16 x 16″  oil on canvas   $750   code 69-48


Erin Robertson is a sculptor and painter who explores figurative and environmental themes through the inventive use of a wide variety of materials, including oils, ceramics, and bronze. Her art is marked by its whimsical and subversive play on everyday idioms, domesticity, urban landscapes and mythology.

Robertson studied Fine Art at York University in Toronto and Life drawing at Atelier Gilbert Diabold in Paris She is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Guelph University, including an independent study in Tanzania E.A where she spent her formative years.

Robertson exhibits in private and public galleries. Her work can be found in various collections in Canada and abroad, including the City of Ottawa and the Crown Collection.

Her exhibition entitled Lore is at General Fine Craft, Art & Design from July 2-August 3, 2014

erin working  Erin at work in her studio, 2014


‘Golden’ 16 x 16″ oil on canvas $750 code 69-51