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Zoë creates truly unique pieces by incorporating luxury wools with recycled fine silks, cottons, and other natural woven fabrics. This form of felt-making originated in Japan, and is called Nuno Felting. While she generally likes to stay true to the natural colours of the various sheep, alpaca and camel wool she uses, the colours, textures and patterns of these fabrics bring her felt to a new level.

Prior to her felt making career, Zoë studied and worked as a fashion designer – excelling in pattern making and haute couture sewing and design. In 2013 she discovered wet felting while on a year-long bike trip in New Zealand. She took a workshop with a well-known felt maker, and the rest she taught herself upon returning to Canada.

Her attention to detail and precision in her felt making allows her to create extremely fine, but uniform fabrics. On the other hand, it is the natural and free flowing process of felt making that has helped Zoë to create her own style of design and really define her as an artist. Fibres are never going to move exactly how you predict, but the outcome is always a pleasant surprise.

Her designs are very organic yet sophisticated. Her wearables are extremely soft and lightweight, made from either 100% camel, alpaca, or merino/silk blends. No two pieces can be made alike and every new project brings a fresh sense of creation. The process is active and tactile, and the outcome extremely rewarding. The options are endless when you’re building or sculpting a textile from its individual fibres.

Zoe lives in Perth, Ontario.