Jennifer Tsuchida’s felted nuno wall hanging Fragmented Identities, in General Fine Craft’s Exceptional, April 26-June 4, 2017

jennifer_tsuchida_05 detail of Fragmented Identities, 2015   17 x 27.5″

wet and nuno felting techniques incorporating relief work with merino wool fleece, vintage kimono silk, hand dyed silk chiffon and cotton gauze, silk habotai, silk organza, silk charmeuse, silk fibre, metal thread


“Living in a world where migration is commonplace, traditions and thoughts intertwine creating a metamorphosis of new identities, compelling us to delve deep into our consciousness and contemplate our perception of self. Marrying both new and reclaimed materials, vestiges of personal histories are collaged and felted together, sculpting a new persona through wool and cloth. Those Who Came Before, Those Who Came Before #2, and Fragmented Identities are a tactile exploration of this migratory journey within and a celebration of our uniqueness, our exceptional selves.”


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Jennifer Tsuchida is a Toronto felt artist who is enchanted by the magic of turning wool fibre into a cohesive felted fabric. Employing both traditional and modern feltmaking techniques, Jennifer creates hand felted sculptural pieces of functional, decorative, and wearable art. She is at once inspired by the natural world and the underbelly of the darkest corners of her imagination.
Throughout the years, Jennifer’s work has been exhibited in galleries as well as non-traditional exhibition spaces both nationally and internationally. She teaches feltmaking workshops nationally, and in September of 2015, was invited by the Head of the Textiles Department at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario to conduct a lecture and demonstration on her art of feltmaking.
Jennifer is a Craft Professional member of Craft Ontario and is a member of Surface Design Association, International Feltmakers Association, and felt :: feutre Canada. Her art has been published in “Studio Magazine: Craft and Design in Canada” – Spring/Summer 2015 edition, “Filzfun” – Spring 2016 edition – a German magazine dedicated to the art of feltmaking, and in the book “Worldwide colours of felt” – a Dutch publication, 2016.
See Fairchild TV interview with Jennifer Tsuchida: https://www.facebook.com/4gatsu1/videos

tsuchida_jennifer_portrait J.Tsuchida