Meredith is a BFA graduate in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (2002). She has also studied at Kookmin University (Seoul, Korea) and apprenticed with goldsmith James Bradshaw (Halifax, NS). She lives with her family in Almonte, Ontario. You can find her at General Fine Craft where she’s a part-time assistant.

“For the last ten years, at a professional level, I have been fabricating sterling silver jewellery. I fabricate my jewellery from sterling silver sheet, tubing, casting grain and wire and incorporate semi-precious stones, beads and pearls into my works.  I also build my pieces in wax, then cast them myself in sterling silver and gold.  I design, fabricate and cast all of my own work.

My ambition is to create jewellery that stirs the senses.  I love working with my hands and am inspired by the textures of different materials.  I constantly experiment with form-moulding, and pushing a material to its limit.  I respect the fluidity of metal, the way it looks raw, and am constantly inspired to bring the piece to the finishing point of polishing it into a beautiful piece of art. I would describe my sterling silver works as multi-dimensional, both representational and abstract, and created with a high standard of craftsmanship.”


solid-cast sterling silver Butterfly pendants on 41cm sterling chains

solid-cast ‘Fluid’ sterling silver rings and wrist cuffs