Pond    32.5 x 48″    $1900   code 43-22


left:   Red Rose     30.5 x 32.5″   $1200   code 43-23

right:  Red & Orange abstract    30.5 x 32.5″   $1200   code 43-24

Born and raised in Ottawa, Marylee Laing received a diploma in E.C.E from Algonquin College. She has worked for many years with pre-school aged children pacifically focusing on the application of art and music towards learning and skills acquisition. She has operated BlueBird Mosaic, a premier mosaic glass studio producing unique and eye pleasing contemporary works, for over 13 years.

Marylee employes a little used technique of adhering individually cut small glass pieces directly to a clear glass substrata. The whole piece is then grouted to block light from coming in between the bits of glass, bringing focus to the work. It is then mounted in a custom made iron frame.

”My love of stained glass began as a young child in church. When I couldn’t understand what was going on, when the words seemed angry and frightening, the beauty of the stained glass windows drew me to a place of sanctuary.

I lived in Cairo for a time. When I saw mosaic tiles there, the colour, pattern and the minute detail in all that golden light exploded inside me. In Egypt, the mosaics are everywhere, made piece by painstaking piece by a human hand with an eye like mine.

I love colour, the transparency of coloured glass, the layers and depths of glass on glass. I love light, light shining on, through and reflected. I’m also attracted to the contrast of textures that have no reflective quality. These are the properties of glass that so absorb me. Glass mosaic employs the interaction of all these elements. Light shining through a mosaic is constantly changing, depending on the season, weather, time of day – the work is never static.”

Marylee Laing_2

See Regional Contact interview with Marylee Laing: http://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=938211