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PLEASE NOTE: As of April 2017, Jeff is out of production. But we will be carrying his work again in future, including some new designs!


Jeff has always had a passion for wood, plain and simple! That, and his interest in historic architecture inspired him to leave the corporate world mid-career, move to Perth Ontario and enrol in a two-year Heritage Carpentry Millwork Program. He went on to become an honours graduate trained in traditional wooden construction methods and historic architectural styles. His passion for wood, imagination and new skills inspired him to start a business focusing on custom designed high quality cabinets, mantles and furniture. He formed Whistlewood Custom Woodworking 23 years ago, named after his two favourite pastimes: whistling and woodworking. Whistlewood continues to offer the high quality custom-designed work that clients have become accustomed to.

 In recent years, Jeff decided to make a change in his production. He has always had a creative eye and a new line of functional items for the home allows him to better express his artistic nature. He has brought all this artistic energy into a style that references both the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveaux movements. He loves the interplay between rigid geometric, linear shapes juxtaposed against beautiful asymmetrical organic lines. It reminds Jeff of the interplay between man and nature. The human form, rolling hills or how water flows around rocks in a river are all inspirations he attempts to incorporate. These are all shapes that bring comfort and contentment to one’s mind.

 When possible, Jeff allows the natural imperfections of the wood to remain part of the piece as a reminder of the tree’s life and individuality. He prefers to apply clear finishes and rely on the rich figure and natural colours of the wood to show through. All pieces carry the Whistlewood brand to ensure their authenticity and are built to provide years of enjoyment. His intent is, after all, to create beautiful wooden things that are timeless, useful and truly unique.

 Charcuterie and Serving Boards

Jeff’s charcuterie and serving boards are made of indigenous maple, black cherry and black walnut. He uses some accents of exotic woods from South America such as paduak, purple heart, canary wood, mahogany and sapele. All have a food-safe coating of 100% Tung oil, which may need occasional re-application (may also use Mineral oil), depending on the level of usage. These boards are meant for food service, rather than for cutting on. They can be cleaned with a mild dish soap, but not soaked in water. In this way, you will enjoy them for a long time to come.