“I use pen and ink and watercolour paint to create colourful, detailed paintings. My original pieces explore line, texture, and negative space. I take inspiration from nature; flowers and plants are my favourite subjects. I am continually experimenting with different techniques, sometimes incorporating silhouette and cutout elements into my paintings.  I use a Rapidograph refillable ink pen and Windsor and Newton paints to create my works. The cutout elements are done with a scalpel-style blade or with tiny paper cutting scissors. I mount cut-out paintings with small pieces of mat board behind the designs to create shadows and enhance the three-dimensional effect.

Recently, I have begun to create paper sculptures of flowers and foliage. These are a departure for me in terms of medium but thematically very much in keeping with the rest of my work. These replica flowers are made of paper, wire, tape, and paint and range in size from tiny to many times life size. I usually make mock-ups in plain copy paper to create patterns which I then transfer to coloured or painted paper.

I have been interested in art since childhood, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University (2003) where I studied drawing, painting, and art history. I have taught art classes to children for many years and love to see how creativity expresses itself in young people. My own two children are a great source of inspiration and encouragement as well. I work with flowers all summer at my “day job” at my mom’s flower farm; this provides me with an endless source of subject matter.”

Linda lives with her family in Almonte, Ontario.

LindaHamilton photo