Lily Swain is a visual artist who lives and works in the historic region of the Lanark Highlands in the Ottawa Valley. She is a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design BFA program (Vancouver, BC) and has a degree in Art Education from York University (Toronto, ON).

Lily’s current body of work focuses on using mixed media techniques. This method gives her the freedom to experiment and incorporate her love of painting, drawing and collage into a single piece. Her work is inspired by themes of personal and cultural identity, Canadian history, forms found in nature and by the beauty of the countryside which surrounds her home studio.

Lily strives to create visual narratives in her work by using a varied combination of acrylic paint, pastels, graphite, photographs and vintage papers. This mixed media approach allows her to express both intuitive and analytical thought, exploring ideas of memory, dreams, loss, growth and renewal. Elements of drawing, pattern, colour and collage are carefully layered to evoke the feeling of time as elastic, an ever-shifting continuum where past, present and future coexist. Each piece tells a story through the eyes of a mother, wife, daughter, sister and artist

Lily Swain Portrait

Sunrise, 10 x 10” $250. code 75-52