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May 11, 2020

This week we present…

Plentiful Garden: new porcelain pottery by MONICA JOHNSTON


Mill Street window display, May 2020


Apart from the bold and colourful patterns set off on a creamy white background, you immediately notice the attention to finely crafted details in Monica’s work. She has been a potter for over 30 years and the experience shows. Her distinctive style of lively organic imagery delights in nature’s abundant flora and fauna.


Her new work uses several thoughtful pattern designs: Dragonfly with Branches, Leaf and Swirl, Olive branch, and the newest: Red Blossoms. These wares are all functional and meant for daily use. A cup of tea, a bowl of warm soup or an entrée served on a beautiful platter can make a meal and a moment just that much more special.


Monica’s work begins as pure white porcelain. Generous shapes are wheel-thrown or press-moulded by hand, then carved and /or altered. Underglaze colour is painted on before the first firing. A rich clear glaze is applied and fired a second time, adding depth to the surfaces.


As Monica says, “colour is the celebration of life and colourful pots bring life to celebrations!”


Dragonfly Platter, 18 x 13″ $140 code 107-295

Olive Branch plate, 14 x 9″ $80  SOLD

Leaf pattern serving plate, 15 x 6″ $90   SOLD

Dragonfly bowl, 8″ diam. $48 code 107-291

Dragonfly pattern butter dish, 6″d $58   SOLD

Dragonfly pattern mugs, 4.25″h $35 ea. code 107-294

Olive Branch oil decanter, 10″h $75 code 107-306

Leaf pattern oil decanter, 10″h $75 code 107-310

Olive Branch lg. serving bowl, 11″diam. x 4.5″d $130   SOLD

Leaf pattern butter dish, 6″diam. $58   SOLD

Red Blossom coffee pot & filter set $120 code 107-313

Leaf pattern berry bowl & plate $75 code 107-317

Olive Branch serving dish, 17 x 7″ $95   SOLD

Olive Branch serving dish, 13 x 4″ $45 code 107-304

Dragonfly pattern serving plate, 13 x 5″ $48   SOLD

Olive Branch butter dish, 6″ diam. $58   SOLD

Dragonfly pattern coffee pot & filter set $120 code 107-314

Leaf pattern mugs, 3.75″h $35 each code 107-319

Leaf pattern rectangular platter, 15 x 9″ $110 code 107-309

see more of Monica’s work here




April 23, 2020

This week we present…

Animal Narratives: new ceramic sculpture by MARY PHILPOTT


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Mill Street window display, April 2020


Mary’s wildlife creatures are realistically rendered with sensitivity and an obvious love of all animal life. Living on a rural property has nurtured a keen observer of the local inhabitants. Her skill is matched by her insight into the spirit of each animal, influenced by the stories and illustrations found in folktales, mythologies, medieval illuminated manuscripts and 19th century children’s books.


Mary Philpott’s sculptures have character without being caricatures: a hare alerted to a far-off noise, a fox stretching in the sunshine, an otter sniffing the breeze while standing tall on its hind legs.


(scroll down for images)

Each sculpture is modelled in stoneware or earthenware clay, then hollowed out before being fired in an electric kiln. Surface colours are achieved through a combination of underglazes, stains, oxides and glazes, then fired a second time. Sometimes a third firing is done to achieve additional effects.


Mary is also widely known for her beautifully carved porcelain tiles depicting flora and fauna in an Arts & Crafts inspired style.


Please email the gallery for purchase information and inquiries: generalfinecraft@gmail.com