Life Amidst Trees   paintings and drawing by MARY PFAFF / mixed-media by JENNIFER RYDER-JONES

October 23 – December 2, 2018     opening / meet the artists:  Sunday October 28, 2-4pm

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The small but effective back space gallery is an ideal area to showcase current and new gallery artists. We feature solo shows and pairings of artists so you can understand the breadth of their work and purchase from a wide selection of pieces.


Diversity of materials and subject matter will make each of your visits very interesting!





March 27 – May 6, 2018

Finessing the Line


EIKO MAEDA  nerikomi porcelain

ANDREA MUELLER  sterling silver jewellery

ERIC YOUNG  fine woodworking


maeda-platebowl  maeda-1a  E. Maeda

mueller-3a  mueller-2a A. Mueller

img_6203  img_6722 E. Young


Craftsmanship merges beautifully with design principles in this 3-person exhibition at General Fine Craft from March 27 – May 6.  See how these artists enhance the innate qualities of the materials they use, creating well-defined shapes with skill, thoughtfulness and sensitivity. Each maker will be displaying new work made specifically for this show.


Please join us for the exhibition opening and meet the artists on

Sunday April 1 from 2-4pm


EIKO MAEDA expresses traditional Japanese aesthetics with her technically complex and exceptionally beautiful nerikomi porcelain wares. Made with skill and subtlety of shape and line, her bowls have the softness and lightness of a blossoming flower.

ANDREA MUELLER is an experienced jewellerymaker working with sterling silver, gold, pearls and semi-precious gem settings. Her distinctive pendants, earrings and rings reflect contemporary design ideas, often playing with geometric relationships, patterns and forms found in nature.

ERIC YOUNG  crafts one-of-a-kind cutting and serving boards using sustainably harvested hardwoods found on his rural property. He has an eye for reading the wood, discerning shapes out of the flow of grain and enhancing knots, burls and bark edges; in effect, telling a story of the tree’s life. 


For artists’ bios and statements, please visit their individual pages on this site by clicking on their hilighted names.




May 8 – June 17, 2018

men make quilts / women make sculpture


CYNTHIA O’BRIEN  ceramic sculpture and vessels


unnamed   pauly-1a

pauly  img_6658

Please join us for the opening and meet the artists on Sunday May 13 from 2-4pm.


men make quilts / women make sculpture

The title is a bit tongue-in-cheek and slightly provocative, but its irony rings true in the case of this exhibition. The two featured artists are no strangers to working outside of the norm, pushing boundaries, engaging the viewer and experimenting with ideas and materials in unique ways.

ROBERT PAULY is a collector and a maker of art and objects who lives in Clayton, Ontario. Over a lengthy career, he has created everything from sculpture to wearable art. His curiosity and a healthy mix of respect for tradition and irreverence for the status quo shine through in a selection of his quilts in this exhibition.

Robert’s approach is playful: using vintage fabrics and vibrant colour combinations, altering traditional patterns with unusually beautiful results. His ‘postage stamp’ quilts are made of thousands of one inch squares painstaking sewn into bedcover size. Other quilts feature row upon row of colourful stripes that give an overall dazzling visual effect.

The medium of choice for Ottawa’s CYNTHIA O’BRIEN is clay. She has used it to create functional, non-functional and sculptural objects for over 30 years. She has also explored its more ephemeral qualities through art installations and live performance pieces.

Wet clay is receptive to the touch, creating a direct connection between maker and material. This is an essential quality for O’Brien because much of her work derives from personal relationships, feelings and memories.

This show features her Father Series of sculptural objects hand-built with black clay. They are complicated 3-dimensional constructions full of nuance and contrast. Cynthia’s approach to making them is quite unique: she imagines them first as interior spaces filled with emotion, roots of her family tree which then burst outward energetically.




June 19 – July 29, 2018

looking in / looking out


JANET KEEFE  ceramic vessels



 takeuchi-bridgetothetemple  takeuchi-reddirtroad N. Takeuchi

keefe-4c  keefe-highrise-h-2  J. Keefe


Norman Takeuchi’s paintings dynamically express and reclaim his Japanese-Canadian heritage using iconic imagery and swirling abstractions. This recent collection of  3 x 4’ canvases are exceptional representations of his mature style;  a genre all its own.


Janet Keefes strong, singular ceramic vessels are informed by principles of  Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging.  Each are beautiful and compelling entities, meticulously constructed to emphasize volume, line and movement in harmony.

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Please join us for the exhibition opening and meet the artists:  Sunday June 24 from 2-4pm




August 2 – September 9, 2018

fibre & form



silk paintings, wool sculptures, cotton rope & paper cord panniers


Carmella Karijo Rother uses uncomplicated materials, tools and processes which resonate with her reflective manner of working, seen in the clean lines and pure forms of her pieces. The natural colours of the materials complement this direction towards simplicity, referencing the origins of the materials.

Fibre & Form brings together work from three distinct series:  silk panels, carded wool sculptures and bowls, rope and paper cord panniers and vessels. Together, they tell the story of Karijo Rother’s fascinating explorations pushing the limits of fibre art and craft.

Please join us for the opening and meet the artist: Sunday August 12, 2 – 4pm


ckrother-no-16-36x48   ckr-vessel-18

ckr-pannier66  ckr-cipher-3




September 11 – October 21, 2018

Wild Splendor


MARY PHILPOTT  ceramic fauna

ROBIN HOLLINGDRAKE  paint and collage


Painter Robin Hollingdrake depicts nature’s random beauty with lush layers of flora and fauna in collage and paint on panel. Ceramic artist Mary Philpott presents her mesmerizing animal sculptures, representations of forest creatures caught at a magical moment in time.


Please join us for the opening of Wild Splendor and meet both artists:

Sunday September 16 from 2-4pm.  


comp-2b comp-5acomp-1c comp-3ab





October 23 – December 2, 2018

Life Amid Trees


MARY PFAFF  abstract paintings

JENNIFER RYDER-JONES   mixed-media constructions


Trees – majestic emblems of strength and beauty in nature – are the lungs of our planet. These two local artists have given much thought to the life of trees and what they give us.

Jennifer Ryder-Jones of Blakeney is always aware of nature around her. For decades she has collected dead branches, leaves, seed pods or bark for use in her mixed-media constructions. Often resembling creatures or dwellings, look closely to see interesting details appear from within the paint, twigs and moss she applies to layered surfaces. An overall magical quality emerges, feeding the idea of the woodlands being full of untold secrets and mysteries.

Mary Pfaff of Almonte loves to immerse herself amid wildlife, gardens and towering trees. For this exhibition, she depicts the impression or feelings from these experiences. How is this possible? If you’ve ever seen Mary’s abstract paintings, you’ll know of her heightened sensitivities and ability to translate emotion to the canvas. Drawing upon awareness, empathy and being in the moment is the natural way she approaches art-making every day.

Please join us for the opening of Life Amid Trees and meet the artists on Sunday October 28 from 2-4pm.


ryder-jones-3huts-a  ryder-jones-movingday-a Jennifer Ryder-Jones

pfaff-awitw-10-8x10-b  pfaff-companions-22x30 Mary Pfaff



 December 4 – 31, 2018

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